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The "All Hands on Deck" Campaign is rallying call to harness the collective power of our community, recognizing that each pair of hands can make a substantial impact on the health and vitality of our cherished waterways. By fostering a spirit of collaboration and shared responsibility, the CBA aims to create lasting change that will benefit both the environment and future generations.

Key features of the "All Hands on Deck" Habitat Restoration Campaign include:

  1. Salt Marsh Restoration: Salt marshes play a vital role in filtering water, preventing erosion, and providing critical habitat for countless species. Volunteers will have the opportunity to participate in marsh planting and restoration events, directly contributing to the recovery of these essential ecosystems.
  2. Dune Protection and Restoration: Dunes act as natural buffers against storms and erosion, safeguarding coastal communities. Through hands-on efforts such as dune grass planting and dune preservation projects, volunteers will play a pivotal role in fortifying our coastline.
  3. Oyster Bed and Seagrass Restoration: Oysters and seagrasses are cornerstones of healthy aquatic ecosystems, improving water quality and offering refuge for marine life. Volunteers will have the chance to assist in oyster reef and seagrass bed restoration initiatives, making a tangible impact on our underwater environments.

Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a concerned citizen, or a local business looking to give back, the 'All Hands on Deck' Campaign provides an open invitation for everyone to engage in habitat restoration. Together, we can create a legacy of ecological stewardship that will benefit our region for years to come.

To get involved and make a difference, email us at cba@nwfsc.edu. OR GET INVOLVED button

109 South Greenway Trail
Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459
(850) 200-4171
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